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STEP 1 » Choose the model - PVC windows and doors price calculator

Choose the desired model. The sizes of the frame and sashes, the opening types, glass, profile colour and the other options will be set on the next step. For details, please use the "Help" section found on the right side of the page.


Standard windows

PVC window model 1
PVC window model 2
PVC window model 3
PVC window model 4

Windows with fanlight

PVC window model 15
PVC window model 7
PVC window model 8
PVC window model 9
PVC window model 10


Single sash doors

PVC door model 50
PVC door model 51
PVC door model 52
PVC door model 53
PVC door model 54
PVC door model 55
PVC door model 74

Double sash doors

PVC door model 56
PVC door model 57
PVC door model 58
PVC door model 59

Mixed panes - Doors and windows

Fanlight panes

Mixed PVC pane model 150
Mixed PVC pane model 151
Mixed PVC pane model 152
Mixed PVC pane model 153
Mixed PVC pane model 154

Sidelight panes

Mixed PVC pane model 164
Mixed PVC pane model 165
Mixed PVC pane model 166
Mixed PVC pane model 167