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What is WEBPVC?

Product examples

Product examples

WEBPVC is an online platform dedicated to PVC joinery dealers. It allows the creation and management of price quotations in a simple, fast and accurate manner, being an ideal tool for agents and resellers.

Within the product configuration interface you can select the profile and its colour, the hardware and opening types, the glass and panel, insect screens, the hinges and the threshold. Furthermore, you may add specific accessories: sills and jambs, extension, reinforcement and coupling profiles, non-standard handles and escutcheons, different types of outer frames, decorative elements, etc.

The shown price is immediately updated to reflect any changes in the product's configuration. Also, for each product, the software computes the heat transfer coefficient (U-value). Using this value we set the Energy Efficiency class, as defined by the joinery producer.

How is the price computed?

In the product's price calculus, each window or door component cost is taken into account. To this value we add the defined commercial margin.

For profiles we compute the required amounts of frame, sash, mullion, mobile mullion, glass-bead, reinforcements, gaskets and mullion supports. The hardware's price is defined on intervals based on width and height. The glass price is defined per sqm, but there are also a couple of parameters that deal with oversized values (glasses that have weights or sides larger than set limits).

The mounting price is calculated either as a percentage of the joinery value or as a cost per product, according to the trader's choice.

What about administration?

The admin panel allows access to order/quotation archives, price configuration and client accounts.

Within the order management interface you can automatically generate proforma invoices and contracts, you can send comments to the client or may add extra services and products.

For each client account you will set the discount, advance, VAT, transport costs, etc.